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Fast Performance

Limited online requirement to authenticate scoring app, and updates automated. The application runs locally from your device

Offline Capability

In the event you lose internet connection, the scoring app continues to function. When connection re-established then synchronisation continues


Much of what we provide is in near real-time updates to central servers, app managers or perhaps even for streaming purposes


Reduce disputes by enabling audible scoring, allowing for clear voice to be heard by players and spectators

Our Scoring App

  • FREE standalone Scoring App for all those who sign-up
  • For a nominal subscription you can get lots more capability and centralised features!
  • Works on Android, Apple (iPhone and iPad) and Microsoft Windows devices
  • Using the latest Progressive Web App (PWA) we able to provide native Scoring App performance, with offline 'first' capability
  • Authentication and more advanced features will require an internet connection
  • Audible scoring of standard voice calls for the various sports
  • Scoresheet available and recorded in the history of the App Manager (Our central means of managing all of our Scoring Made Easy capabilities)
  • Continued / re-investment into future capabilities (so your feedback is most welcomed)

Active Matches

  • All scores are shown live on a centralised active match screen
  • Match Control shows spectators and players how far or close to completion each match may be
  • Track scores in near real-time without being near the actual court or facility remotely using your mobile
  • Great for visually showing in common areas, bar areas so spectactors and / or volunteers can keep track of the live scores
  • Accessible for private and / or public access (via PIN)

Tournament Draws

  • Our Scoring Apps upload all their data to the configured tournament module
  • Players who won or were defeated automatically move to the correct next round of the configured tournament draw
  • Draws can be published or publish automatically once Tournament is started
  • Great for visually showing in common areas, bar areas so spectactors and / or volunteers can keep track of the live draws
  • Accessible for private and / or public access (via PIN)

What's ON

  • What's ON is an easy booking app which is used to showcase what is happening at your club
  • Don't use spreadsheets or spend hours on photoshop to get this right, simple schedule whats happening
  • The link is easily pasted in Facebook or you can place on your website
  • Great for visually showing what is happening at your club

Social Classic

  • Get rid of the whiteboard, replace it with Scoring Made Easy's Social Classic App for your Club Days or Nights
  • Easily rotatest players (they start on one end and move either left / right for each timer rotation
  • Maximum of four courts, but can run multiple apps for different playing levels
  • Play either Singles or Doubles (Players move together)
  • SO who plays against who? Well doesn't really matter as this game style is purely 'social' based
  • Once you have finished your 'run' to the end of hte court, and wish to play again - simply add your name back in!
  • For volunteers or commitee members, you now too can join in - no more whiteboards or pre-organising games! Easy!

Scoring App (single use)

* Limitations Apply

Scoring App (per Court/Device)

$20 / month
$175 / year

Match Control

$40 / month
$350 / year

Social App (Classic)

$40 / month
$350 / year

Social App (Challenger)

$40 / month
$350 / year

Sponsors Module

$40 / month
$350 / year

Bookings Module

$40 / month
$350 / year

Streaming Overlays
(per Court/Device)

$40 / month or $350 / year

Tournament Control
*recommended to include Match Control module

$40 / month or $350 / year

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FREE Scoring Made Easy Scoring App

Scoring Apps (Basic) FREE Scoring Made Easy Scoring App
Stand-alone, game scoring on single device, one user log-in / access.
Works on iOS, Android and Windows devices. Multiple sports available. Sign-Up NOW.

PAID Subscriptions

Enter the number of Scoring Apps required in the Scoring App (Advanced) selection panel below,
then tick the appropriate box for any of the additional modules you may be interested in.

Note: If you have other sports at your facility, then no additional cost applies to accessing these provided you have sufficient concurrent Scoring Apps

Modules Selection Monthly Price Yearly Price (~30% Saving)
Scoring App (Advanced) $0 $0
Price based on concurrent use
(2 Squash courts + 4 tennis courts in use at the same time => 6 Scoring Devices => 6 Scoring Apps).
  • Audio enabled throughout match
  • Recent History of Completed matches
  • Scoresheet of current match
  • Integrates with App Manager
Match Control Tick to select: $0 $0
Requires a minimum of one Scoring App (Advanced) subscription
Enabled Centralised Data
Player Management
Court Configuration
Base requirement for any other modules below
Social (Classic) App Tick to select: $0 $0

Automates rotation of Players (1 - 4 courts) for Social days / events.
Great for junior sessions to help encourage mixing with other players.
Time to get rid of the white board with this app, and join in yourself!
Requires App Manager for further court confirguration and AD management (if required)
Social (Challenger) App Tick to select: $0 $0
Automates rotation of Players (No limit to courts) for Social days / events.
Winners move UP a court, losers move DOWN a court. Similar style to king/queen of the court.
Add players at any time and they are cycled in. Players who are finished, simply remove their names.
Requires App Manager for further court confirguration and AD management (if required)
Sponsor Branding Tick to select: $0 $0
Requires minimum of one active Scoring App subscription (above).
Enables customisation of sponsorship logos.
Logos provide visible awareness / show appreciation of your sponsors.
Helps generate revenue for your club.
Bookings / Event Calendar Tick to select: $0 $0
Court booking facility
Custom court logos
Varying levels of permissions
Advanced bookings, and weekly 'whats on' view.
Live Streaming Overlays $0 $0
Requires minimum of one active Scoring App (above).
Overlays the LIVE SCORE onto your live stream video. Subscription is per overlay.
Streaming software / hardware used must support URL overlays.
Please note: Further Subscription to third party services may be required for this function.
Tournament Control Tick to select: $40 $350
10 step setup
Advertisement creation
Draws and Schedules
Court Bookings$0$0$0Enables court bookings for your club. You will require Example Image
3rd party grading integrations$0$0$0Intergrates with grading system and uupload scores (Integration depends on the 3ed party capability)Example Image
TOTAL SELECTIONS Prices are in NZD and incl. taxes Total Price:

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